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Welcome to CTC Forklifts, suppliers of Electrical Forklift Trucks and Forklift Parts

CTC Forklifts are available in a wide range of counterbalance models

CTC Forklifts have been supplied in the UK for many years now, and are renowned by owners, operators and dealers alike for the inherent sturdiness and reliability. Simply engineered to do the hardest jobs well, CTC Forklifts will meet your criteria.

At CTC Forklifts our aim is to make sure that our dealers are satisfied with the service, support and price we offer, and that our end users are equally pleased with the service, support and price from our dealers. We know that our Fork Lift Trucks offer a quality of product that is hard to beat, for a price that gives exceptional value, with a backup that is second to none.

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Forklift Trucks
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Planet PL306 / 308 / 310 / 312 / 313 / 315 / 317 / 320
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Planet PL416 / 420 / 423
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Planet PL425 / 430 / 435 / 440 / 445
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Planet PL450 / 460 / 465
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Force 80 / 90 / 100 / 120
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